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A guide to checking broadband speeds

 It can become very annoying when you see a poster with "up to 20Mbps" or up to 50MBps" broadband speeds advertised.

Naturally, intrigued by the superfast broadband internet plastered all over the ads, you call up and sign up for the broadband package waiting to get connected and stream HD video undisputedly, play online video games or even download content in moments.


Unfortunately, it has been estimated that the average speeds in the UK are a measly 6.2MBps, according to a recent report.

However, if you think your broadband speeds are glorious, or equally you might think they are appalling, you can check what they really are using innovative web-based tools, otherwise known as speed checkers.

Speed checkers will give you a good idea as to what exactly is your current speed, without any "up to" points.

These tools will let you know exactly what you are paying for to your broadband provider.

If you want to get a figure which would be as accurate as possible, it is advised you close any other websites you might be visiting, switch off your downloading software for a moment and quit any other tasks your machine might be executing.

Once your computer is Internet activity and task-free, you can start inspecting your broadband speeds.

You start the process with a click of the button. What the tool will do is download a temporary file to see how fast (or slow for that matter) your download speeds are.

Afterwards, similarly an upload test will be performed. This might take a little longer, as upload speeds are usually slower